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Backpack-style strap design.  The straps are adjustable, and the straps and backrest are designed with thickened sponge for a more comfortable carrying experience.  Considering the weight of 20L liquid in the body and working conditions, referencing the S-shaped biomechanical design of mountaineering backpacks and the human back, seven areas of thickened sponge protection are applied to the shoulders, waist, and back.  This design effectively reduces fatigue when carrying 20L of liquid.


(1) Adjustable widened S-shaped sponge shoulder straps.

Convenient for adjustment in different body types and environments, reducing the discomfort caused by the weight on the shoulders and avoiding discomfort during work due to the movement of the arms.


(2) Adjustable waist and chest buckle design.

During walking and working, the liquid in the sprayer will sway significantly from side to side, causing friction and damage to the back and waist.  This design meets the needs of different body types and reduces the potential damage to the user caused by the swaying of the liquid in the sprayer.


(3) Small expandable mesh pocket on one side of the waist protection.

The expandable mesh pocket can temporarily store dismantled nozzles and other small parts, as well as carry personal items such as mobile phones and water bottles.  This prevents the loss of accessories and belongings that may occur due to the user's focus on work.


(4) Separate upper and lower connection design for straps and backrest.

The upper part reduces the aging and deformation of the backrest due to the main force on the shoulder straps during prolonged carrying.  At the same time, it transfers the stress point to the sturdy handle connected to the medicine box, reducing the tension on the backrest locking screws and increasing the lifespan of the backrest. The lower part is connected to the backrest as a whole, with two sturdy metal hooks at both ends, making the entire strap and backrest integrated and secure.


(5) Fixing the backrest to the medicine box and base.

Five screws securely fix the backrest, perfectly fitting the back of the sprayer and preventing separation.  The bottom of the backrest is 4.5cm above the base, avoiding liquid on the ground from contaminating the straps, allowing the user to carry it with confidence.  Multiple safety buckles and adjustable straps are used in various places on the straps and waist protection for the comfort of different users.