The 135th Canton Fair Review

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Release time:2024-05-10 viewed:141

      At the 135th Canton Fair, every colleague of Ifourni made full preparations in the early stage. The booth was carefully arranged to display our advantages as much as possible, and all the regular customers were invited in advance. Finally, with the bright exhibits, our company's booth is crowded with customers. In 5 days, we received more than 100 customers from all over the world, including Russia, Morocco, France, Germany, New Zealand, Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Malaysia and other dozens of countries, we have conducted effective negotiations and communication with each customer. 

      The quality and accuracy of the Canton Fair customers have been greatly improved than before, and there are five customers on the scene who took samples directly at the exhibition.After the exhibition, Ifourni salesmen followed up and communicated with customers in a timely manner, and now there are more than 10 sample orders and intended customers.

      The exhibitors of this Canton Fair have had a good experience, until the withdrawal of the exhibition, still customers linger, hoping to find more and better products. Canton Fair is the exhibition we participate in at present, the largest number of buyers, the largest scale, the best exhibition effect, hope to make more friends in the future. 

      Let's meet in October, the 136th Canton Fair!